Aug. 18, 2011: New Bio-Fuel Breakthrough Announced
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Aug. 18, 2011: New Bio-Fuel Breakthrough Announced

August 18, 2011

A Cambridge Massachusetts Company, recently announced a Bio-Fuel breakthrough that may prove to be a game changer. Joules Unlimited, using genetic engineering, has developed an organism that uses carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to creat a liquid fuel. Joule's CEO, Bill Sims, says the process utilizes the bacteria to produce a chemical and secretes the fuel. The result? A liquid fuel that can fill demands for diesel (fuel oil) and ethanol.

The Oilheat Industry has recognized the benefit of homegrown, renewable bio-fuels for several years now. In fact, just recently, the fuel oil specification (ASTM D-396) was revised to allow for a bio-fuel component of up to 5%. This is just one of the areas where Oilheat is out on the cutting edge, putting it years ahead of the Natural Gas Industry. It also addresses recent questions focused on feedstock options and transportation of bio-fuels. This new process may hold the answer to both of these questions. With he main ingredients being carbon dioxide and water, production plants can be sited almost anywhere, it doesn't compete with our food supply and you don't have to wait for it to grow, like algae. And best of all, it could make Oilheat greener in comparison to natural gas; as gas continues to get dirtier as more "fracked" gas enters the pipeline.

Joule is taking the first big step toward commercialization, leasing more than 1,000 acres of land in New Mexico. They hope to prove the organism can produce fuel quickly, on a large scale, nearly anywhere.

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