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Please use the form below to make a donation now by credit card. Your confidential credit card information will be protected by our secure payment gateway.

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Thanks to your continued support, the American Energy Coalition has been helping to fuel the growth and success of Oilheat dealers across the country for nearly a decade.

But despite rising oil production and falling oil prices, misinformation perpetrated by natural gas utilities continues to skew consumers’ perceptions. Utilities devote enormous resources solely to denigrating Oilheat, leaving many Americans still unaware that the costs of natural gas and heating oil are nearing and even achieving parity. Now more than ever, our industry must come together to promote the benefits of Oilheat and inform unwitting consumers that converting to natural gas is not the answer. But we can’t do it alone.

You’ve already helped put the AEC on solid ground, and we urge you to continue your dedicated support by joining the AEC Wildcatters Club, which enables you to place an automatic, recurring annual, quarterly or monthly credit card donation in four levels. Choose from:

  • Bronze Level Sustaining Support ($5 per Month)
  • Silver Level Sustaining Support ($10 per Month)
  • Gold Level Sustaining Support ($25 per Month)
  • Platinum Level Sustaining Support ($50 per Month)
  • Diamond Level Sustaining Support (More than $50 per Month)

Membership in the Wildcatters Club does not replace corporate contributions – rather, it establishes a personal commitment to the industry that supports you and your family. Together with your support, the AEC can establish a firm long-term financial footing in our mission to promote the benefits of Oilheat and raise consumer awareness. Any amount helps, but the more you give, the more we can do for you, your job and the industry we share.

Join the AEC Wildcatters Club today, and spread the word by asking your co-workers to get involved too, and asking your employer if the company would be willing to match your donation.