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Natural Gas Customers May Pay for Gas They Don’t Get


Gas companies charge customers millions of dollars a year for natural gas that never gets to their homes! Don’t pay for something you didn’t use.

If you're thinking about converting to natural gas heating, make sure you have all the facts. Converting is not as easy or inexpensive as the utilities like to claim, and you could be taking a big gamble on a big investment.


Don't go into debt on a pipe dream! 

  • Switching to gas can cost up to $10,000, this may include:
    • New boiler or furnace
    • New water heater
    • Gas line installation
    • Permits and taxes
    • Chimney liner
    • Oil tank abandonment or removal
    • Plumbing and electrical
    • Landscaping
  • If you take a loan, you're going into debt without a guaranteed return on investment.
  • Last winter natural gas prices jumped 45 percent. If you switch to gas and prices continue to rise, you may never reach the "payback" point.
  • Gas utilities can add a "Weather Normalization Fee" to maintain their profits even when you use less energy.
  • The utilities add a lot of confusing charges to their bills, including distribution, transportation, c
  • Converting your heating system takes a lot of time, effort and money. You'll need to:
    • Research available equipment
    • Find a company to install the heating equipment
    • Have their existing heating system removed
    • Have their oil or propane tank removed or properly abandoned
    • Re-landscape their property
    • Take several days off from work
    • Arrange for maintenance or repair services
  • Once your home is connected to a pipeline, you won't be able to switch to another distribution company.


Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

  • A report for Congress reveals that consumers paid $20 billion for gas that they never received, because of pipeline leaks and other lost gas.
  • Gas companies make money for leaking pipes because the customers pay for the gas even though it never reached the home.
  • In 2011, utilities nationwide released enough gas into the atmosphere to meet Maine's energy needs for a year.


Stick with Oilheat

  • Upgrading to higher-efficiency Oilheat equipment can reduce usage by 30-40% at a fraction of the cost.
  • Same-fuel upgrades can usually be completed in one day, using one company for all the work, without any damage to your property.
  • If you are unhappy with service or price from a heating oil dealer, you have the freedom to switch to another company.


Get more facts about natural gas supply before you switch.

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