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Natural Gas May Not be There When You Need it Most


During winter’s coldest days, the natural gas companies interrupted service to some customers, who then turned to their local heating oil dealer.

If you're thinking about switching to gas - or just looking for the truth about natural gas supply and services - you've come to the right place.

Before you switch to natural gas, you should know:

Interruptible Supply and Gas Prices

  • The current natural gas pipeline transmission system is insufficient, which leads to higher natural gas prices.
  • Increases in gas prices and limited supply cause electricity rates to increase, too.
  • Utilities need to shut off natural gas service to large users like schools, hospitals and factories to have enough supply for high-demand periods.
  • These "interruptible" users turn to heating oil when the gas company shuts them off.


Pipeline Capacity and Leaks

  • Much of the natural gas pipeline system is old, deteriorating and leaking, leading to environmental and safety concerns.
  • Natural gas utilities want you to pay for their new pipelines, even if you don't heat your home with natural gas.
  • Natural gas pipelines need to be shut down during road construction, pipeline repair work and during emergency situations or extreme weather events, which can leave homeowners without heat for hours or even days.
  • A report for Congress reveals that consumers paid $20 billion for gas that they never received, because of pipeline leaks and other lost gas.
  • Gas companies make money for leaking pipes because the customers pay for the gas even though it never reached the home.
  • In 2011, utilities nationwide released enough gas into the atmosphere to meet Maine's energy needs for a year.


Stick with Oilheat

  • Oilheat is delivered to you regularly by a local heating oil dealer.
  • With Oilheat, you only pay for what is delivered to your property from metered delivery trucks.
  • Your heating oil supply is safely stored on your property, unaffected by road construction or other situations.
  • You can upgrade your heating equipment for a fraction of the cost to convert, and reduce your energy use by up to 30-40 percent.


Get more facts about natural gas supply before you switch.

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