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August 10th, 2009:

Gas Explosion Sends Pavement Flying

American Energy Coalition - August 10th, 2009

Workers installing fiber optic cable struck a natural four-inch, high pressure gas line in St. Paul, Minn., tossing pavement at least 50 feet and prompting some homes in the area to be evacuated for a brief time, according to an account in the Star-Tribune. "The pressure of the leaking gas was so powerful that it lifted the pavement at least 50 feet away," the Fire Department said in a statement. Xcel Energy workers shut a valve that stopped the gas flow from one direction, then they dug a hole and clamped the plastic gas line from the other direction. The leak was stopped in 40 minutes. Most of the 27 homes that were without natural gas after the leak had their service later restored, and Xcel was hoping to have repairs on the remaining 10 homes completed Monday night.

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