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July 16th, 2009:

Gas Pipeline Explosion Kills Worker

American Energy Coalition - July 16th, 2009

One person was killed and three others critically injured in a gas pipeline explosion in Smith County, Miss., according to an account in the Clarion-Ledger. A part of Kinder Morgan's Midcontinent Express pipeline exploded around 4 p.m. The injured workers were "literally right on top" of the explosion, Smith County Sheriff Charlie Crumpton said. Two had life-threatening injuries and the third was in stable condition, Jim Pollard, a spokesman for AMR ambulance service, said. In November 2007, two people were killed and seven were injured when Dixie Pipeline's propane line exploded in Carmicheal in Clarke County. Witnesses described seeing a ball of flames. Four homes and 150 acres were destroyed. The explosion reportedly was felt as far away as Quitman, about 20 miles north. According to the NTSB report, the accident cost Dixie Pipeline more than 430,000 gallons of propane and $3.3 million.

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