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August 13th, 2009:

Second Gas Leak Causes Another Evacuation

American Energy Coalition - August 13th, 2009

For the second time in as many days, workers installing underground cable nicked a natural gas line in Moorhead, N.D., prompting the evacuation of nearby residents, according to a news account. Wednesday's incident followed a meeting held earlier in the day at which Midcontinent Communications officials talked sternly with subcontractors about gas leaks caused by the installation of Midcontinent cable, said Moorhead Fire Chief Joel Hewitt. Crews working for Midcontinent have caused at least 12 gas leaks since May 11, according to information provided by the Moorhead Fire Department. One of those leaks occurred the morning of Aug. 11 not far from the site of the Aug. 12 cut. Not all of the gas leaks in Moorhead this summer have been caused by crews working for Midcontinent, which is in the process of installing cable as part of the company's new franchise in Moorhead. In one case, a car struck a meter, causing a leak. In three instances, Moorhead Public Service crews nicked gas lines, Fire Department records show.

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