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September 10th, 2012:

AEC Launches New Multi-State Radio Campaign

American Energy Coalition - September 10th, 2012

The American Energy Coalition (AEC) is pleased to announce the launch of a Regional Radio Campaign, beginning today, designed to promote the benefits of Oilheat and stem the losses of Oilheated homes to Natural Gas conversions this fall. The Campaign is a huge achievement for AEC and a first for the Oilheat Industry. A coordinated radio message will be heard, beginning today, throughout a large geographic region of the northeast where Oilheat is strong, and continue through the middle of October.

Beginning today, radio listeners from Northern New Jersey, through New York City, Long Island, the lower Hudson Valley, Connecticut and beyond will hear the same Oilheat message, at the same time, sponsored by AEC in partnership with several state Oilheat Associations.

Two separate radio spots will air, one focusing on the current but temporary price advantage enjoyed by Natural Gas, and the other drawing the homeowner's attention to the poor service provided by utilities to storm damage last year. AEC has also produced two bill inserts (or leave behinds) that focus on the same themes featured by the radio spots.

The content of the bill inserts and links to the audio of the radio spots can be found on the AEC website, And while you're on the website please consider becoming an AEC Member Contributor by clicking on the "Make A Donation" button and making a contribution to help support AEC and our important work in support of the Oilheat Industry.

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