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September 25th, 2013:

Shell Announces Plan to Convert Natural Gas to Liquids

American Energy Coalition - September 25th, 2013

Royal Dutch Shell is planning a new plant in Louisiana that will convert natural gas to liquid fuel and place still more demand on natural gas supplies, according to an article by Natural gas is already facing sharply increasing demand for power generationhome heating, transportation and manufacturing – not to mention feeding the international export market.

FuelFix reports that Shell has picked a site in Louisiana for a plant costing at least $12.5 billion that would turn natural gas into diesel, jet fuel and other liquids.

Shell said the project could help to harness more domestic natural gas to make transportation fuels, the article states. The plant would offer the benefit of displacing oil used to make fuels and other products.

The plant would be the latest effort to use more domestic natural gas. Power plants, chemical plants and planned export facilities are all looking to harness the resource, according to FuelFix. Shell has also committed to expanding the availability of natural gas for transportation, by building plants to liquefy the fuel for use in trains, trucks and marine vehicles. The company also is planning to supply liquefied natural gas to 100 refueling stations across the country.

To read the FuelFix article, click here.

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