The American Energy Coalition (AEC) is offering two free Webinars on Tuesday August 5th at 12:30 PM and again on Thursday August 7th at 9:30 AM, entitled Opening Up the Dialogue, Reaching Customers Before They Convert.  To Register go to:

These Webinars will detail AEC’s 2014 Marketing Campaign that was launched on June 1st with ten and fifteen second drive time traffic and weather radio spots in Connecticut, Long Island and New York City. Staying true to its mission to provide the industry with a “constant, sustained, unified message,” this first-ever “spring” radio flight was just one component of a comprehensive, broad based, “all inclusive” campaign that also includes radio, social media, expanded website content, direct mail, print and a first-ever pay-per-click Ad Campaign. The overall campaign is focused on three main topics: natural gas pipeline and supply issues (including interruptibles), the true cost to convert to natural gas with no guarantee of future savings and energy pricing, and a pro-Oilheat message including the benefits of a new Low Sulfur Fuel with a renewable Bioheat® Fuel component. And while the Spring Radio Flight has concluded, another is planned for the Fall of 2014; with the Internet Marketing Campaign ongoing, 24/7/365 with frequent Facebook and Twitter updates and boosted posts to expand their reach including links to AEC web pages.

These Webinars, in addition to explaining how the various components of the Marketing Campaign dovetail with each other will also include Google Analytics tracking of consumer interaction with the various elements of the campaign, an analysis you won’t want to miss; so, register today at: