A natural gas explosion ripped apart a house in Stafford Township, N.J., injuring 15 people, two critically, and forcing the evacuation of dozens of homes, according to an article on NJ.com.

The Associated Press has posted a police dash cam video that shows the explosion as it occurs:

A total of seven gas company employees were injured and two were airlifted to AtlantiCare Regional Trauma Center in Atlantic City, Stafford Police Capt. Thomas Dellane told NJ.com. One of the utility company's employees was listed in critical condition and the other was in critical but stable condition, the Captain said.

Police, fire and EMS crews responded to a report of a gas leak at 8:55 a.m. and notified New Jersey Natural Gas. Approximately 75 homes were evacuated in the area and the gas explosion happened around 10:30 a.m., authorities said. The debris field covered a one-quarter mile area, Dellane said. "Currently, there is nothing remaining there but a block basement," he told NJ.com. Houses on either side of home were also significantly damaged and uninhabitable until repairs could be made, police said.

Kim McElwee, who lives around the corner from the house, told NJ.com she was watching television between 10 and 10:30 a.m. When she heard a big "Kaboom!" "She said the force was enough to lift her feet off the floor, shake her house and knock items off her mantle," the article states.

"McElwee said she initially thought a car had crashed through her house, and her daughter, who was on the second floor, came running down the stairs out of fear a tree had fallen on the house." Mayor John Spodofora said that the gas had been turned off to approximately 300 homes. "Michael Kinney, spokesman NJNG, said workers were in the process of identifying the source of the gas leak when the explosion occurred. He said the company was working to restore service to homes, which is expected to start on Wednesday," NJ.com reported.

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