Connecticut residents are speaking out against Gov. Dannell Malloy's plan to expand the state's natural gas pipeline system, according to a recent article in the Hartford Courant.

In a recent protest in Willimantic, CT, pipeline opponents said the expansion project would not benefit New Englanders because it is intended to carry natural gas from wells in Pennsylvania across Connecticut and on to Canada for overseas export. "Residents of Connecticut have not heard about the enormous expansion of fracked gas pipelines, power plants, and compressor and metering stations that just started this month," the Connecticut Sierra Club stated in a press release. Opponents of the expansion say that the Connecticut legislature passed a law requiring ratepayers to pay the cost for constructing and operating gas pipelines. Ratepayers are already paying for the subsidized conversions of 280,000 new customers to gas, the Sierra Club stated.

"These fracked gas infrastructure expansion projects will enrich electric and gas companies at the expense of the public," the Sierra Club wrote. "Furthermore, they are being built for overseas export, which will cause domestic gas prices to rise."

Martha Klein, Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter Grassroots Chair, said, "Roughly half of the fracked natural gas that will travel through this new high-pressure, large-diameter interstate pipeline will go to the Pieridae Energy facility in Goldboro, Nova Scotia for overseas export. That's according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE). They, and the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA), have said that exporting domestically fracked gas will cause the price to increase."

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