In light of last week's apartment building explosion in the Lower Manhattan section of New York City that is believed to have been caused by natural gas, has published "six scary facts" about the City's natural gas delivery system. The information is derived from a 2014 report by the Center for an Urban Future.

Here are the "six scary facts," according to the article.

  • The average age of New York City natural gas mains is 56 years. The national average for leaky pipelines is 44.
  • Sixty percent of Con Edison's gas mains are made of leaky materials. It's 48 percent for National Grid, the other gas main company in New York City. That adds up to 3,321 miles of leaky gas mains.
  • Con Edison experienced 83 leaks for every 100 miles of main in 2012. Corrosion was responsible for a total of 427 of these leaks. Con Ed has 2,234 miles of gas mains.
  • The city gets 98 percent of its electricity from natural gas.
  • More than one in five of ConEd's gas "services," the pipes that carry gas from the mains to individual buildings, were built before 1960, and 24 percent of these are made of leaky materials.
  • Replacing a mile of main in New York City costs approximately $2.2 to $8 million.

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