West Texas ranchers and landowners are up in arms over plans to build a natural gas pipeline through pristine lands of the state's Big Bend region, according to an Associated Press report disseminated by Fox Business News.

Approximately 150 Big Bend property owners held a community meeting on the 143-mile pipeline proposed by a consortium of two companies owned by billionaire businessmen. The $767 million pipeline would cut mostly through private ranch land, running south between Alpine and Marfa toward Presidio, and connect with a large pipeline on the Mexican side near Ojinaga.

Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico owns Carso, one of the companies behind the pipeline; the other company, Energy Transfer, is helmed by CEO Kelcy Warren, reported to be worth $6.7 billion by Forbes.

There currently are no energy transmission pipelines in the Big Bend region, nor any oil or gas production. The Big Bend region holds vast state and national parks, high peaks and scenic river canyons, pronghorns by the roadside, and a rich cultural history that includes ghost towns and real Texas cowboys.

To read the Fox Business article, click here.- See more at: http://americanenergycoalition.com/e-alerts/texas-ranchers-and-landowners-to-fight-natural-gas-pipeline#sthash.RfHAg98o.dpuf