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October 25th, 2017:

Massachusetts Utility Regulators to Review Accusations Eversource Constrained Pipeline Capacity for Financial Gain

American Energy Coalition - October 25th, 2017

“Massachusetts utility regulators said Tuesday they will conduct a ‘thorough review’ of allegations that energy conglomerates Eversource and Avangrid artificially constrained pipeline capacity in New England, costing consumers $3.6 billion over three years,” according to an article by

The Department of Public Utilities “takes seriously its responsibility to protect ratepayers,” and has begun “a thorough review of allegations raised in a recent report,” wrote DPU chairwoman Angela O’Connor in a statement and included in the article.

“While the authors do not accuse Eversource and Avangrid of breaking any laws, they said the companies manipulated fuel supplies to accrue profits, particularly during the ‘Polar Vortex’ of 2013-2014, when New England’s wholesale power prices skyrocketed.”

“Utility regulators in Connecticut have also opened a probe,” and was the subject of last week’s e-Alert.

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