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March 3rd, 2017:

Natural Gas Tariff Angers Customers

American Energy Coalition - March 3rd, 2017

Concerned residents of Gallitzin, PA, whose homes were recently hooked up to natural gas — and those who will soon have the opportunity — faced off recently with Peoples Natural Gas officials over an unexpected monthly tariff, according to an article in the Altoona Mirror.

“Nobody ever said a word,” said Gallitzin resident Mike Taddei, who chose to hook up to new natural gas lines. “Taddei was one of many residents who visited the Gallitzin Community Building on Tuesday, when Peoples representatives hosted an open house-style meeting to answer questions and address concerns about a gas line expansion in the area,” the article states. “Taddei said he was shocked when he got his bill earlier this month to see a charge of more than $350.”

“Everybody signed on because they felt it was a good deal,” he said, explaining he now feels otherwise. “I’m taking my gas furnace out, guaranteed.”

“In Gallitzin, residents who recently switched to natural gas pay a delivery rate of $7.14 per each 1,000 cubic feet of gas. In nearby Cresson, they pay little more than $3 for that amount,” the article states.

The Mirror explained that the delivery rate is the cost of getting gas to customers’ homes, including infrastructure. It is separate from the gas recovery rate — the cost paid for the gas itself.

The article quotes Richard Cox, a Gallitzin resident, saying he feels he’ll have a hard time selling his home in the future. “The value of my home is going to go down,” he said. “People are going to buy somewhere else where (rates are lower.)”

To read the Altoona Mirror article, click here.

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