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October 25th, 2018:

Columbia Gas says its over halfway to 'gas ready' goal; temps to hit 29 overnight

American Energy Coalition - October 25th, 2018

"Columbia Gas said Sunday that its replaced 3,317 service lines in Lawrence, North Andover and Andover, the area damaged by a series of gas explosions, Sept. 13", according to a story carried by

"Of those, 3,144 gas lines are now "gas ready" putting the utility over the halfway point of getting 6,100 damaged lines back to "gas ready" status."

"One teen was killed and at least 21 injured during the disaster. It was by a Columbia Gas contractor. Workers didn't shut off regulator sensors while replacing a gas line. When that equipment couldn't find any pressure in the removed line, the system increased the flow of gas, putting too much pressure into the and leading to gas leaks and explosions."

"Columbia Gas is working with weather getting worse and people calling for heat", says

"With weather getting worse. Temperatures were expected to dip to a low of 29 Sunday night."

"As of Friday there were still 1,881 families, 6,646 individual people, in alternative housing like trailers and hotel rooms."

"Columbia Gas said it will have 151 crews working Sunday on main lines and service lines. Nearly 480 plumbers, 425 gas fitters, 220 electricians, 230 field operations staff, 13 local inspectors, and 40 linguists were planned to be working on the project", reports

"Columbia Gas said has received 21,143 claims to date and paid $23 million paid to date as of Sunday."

"Columbia said that 423 residential meters are "house-ready" and 41 businesses have been relit. Columbia Gas said it has put in 748 water heaters and 714 boilers installed to date. Additionally, 36 combination units, 44 tankless water heaters, 51 ranges and 28 dryers have been installed." To read the original MassLive article go to:

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