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AEC Launches "The Wildcatters Club"

(New York, April 2016) The American Energy Coalition (AEC) is pleased to announce the creation a new class of Supporters called the Wildcatters Club.

The Coalition has long enjoyed strong broad based support from every segment of the Heating Oil Industry and this construct attempts to spotlight and recognize the efforts of individual contributors, a large and fast growing group of contributors, as a review of the AEC Contributors’ List will attest.

To help put the AEC on a firm, long term financial footing, the AEC through its Investment Committee is looking to encourage this group to make their contributions recurring by using the automatic monthly credit card donation feature provided on the AEC website. Four suggested recurring contribution levels include: 

Bronze Level Sustaining Support
Silver Level Sustaining Support
Gold Level Sustaining Support
Platinum Level Sustaining
$ 5 per Month
$10 per Month
$25 per Month
$50 per Month

The creation of The Wildcatters Club does not replace the need for continued support from AEC’s Corporate Donors, but it does demonstrate a personal commitment from the thousands of hard working Heating Oil Professionals in support of an Industry that supports them and their families.

Joining is as easy as visiting the AEC website “” and pressing the “Make A Donation” button and following the online prompts. Wildcatters are encouraged to talk with their coworkers about also joining and asking their employers if they are willing to match employee contributions.