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About the program


Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program

Welcome to the American Energy Coalition Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program.  As a real estate professional, it’s your job to know what’s in the best interest of homebuyers and sellers.  They expect you to know everything about everything - from the attic to the basement.  Sellers will want to know what they can do to add value to their property, and buyers will look to you for advice about how they can turn that house into the home of their dreams.

Home heating is one of the largest ongoing expenses a homeowner faces, and it’s in your best interest to have the real facts about heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, natural gas and other fuels.  That’s why we created the AEC Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program.  We’re here to help you close more deals, and to let you know how today’s Oilheat and a local heating oil dealer can help you do just that.

Do you know how to answer if a client asks:

  • How safe is the natural gas or Oilheat that’s heating this house? 
  • What are some of the best ways to save on future energy bills? 
  • How much does it really cost to convert from an Oilheat system to natural gas, and how quickly will we get our investment back in savings?  What do we have to do?
  • Who do we call if the system needs service in the middle of the night?
  • How can we stay warm and still consider the environment and greenhouse gas emissions?

The answers might surprise you – but we’ll give you the facts you need to provide your clients the information they need to feel comfortable with their decision … and in their new home.  Don’t lose another sale to misinformation – join the AEC Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program today.

Program Benefits

The AEC Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program provides real estate professionals – agents, brokers, home inspectors, insurance agents and mortgage brokers – with the tools they need to serve their customers (and their own) best interests.  We offer:

  • “Get the Facts” networking events – usually over breakfast and lunch, where you will get updated on home heating in your area, meet local service providers, and network with other industry professionals – all at no cost to you.  Find an event near you.
  • Easily navigated web pages with the answers you need, so you can access this information whenever you need.
  • Email updates with energy information you need to know.
  • Links to local associations and energy service providers who can help you by:
    • Performing Oilheat system startups in homes you are showing
    • Answering any questions from home inspectors
    • Conducting accurate tank measurements at closing
    • Providing emergency oil deliveries if the tank runs low
    • Providing emergency equipment service
    • Transferring service contracts and tank agreements to new homeowners
    • Drafting a projected fuel delivery schedule based on the new homeowner's needs and the home's existing fuel history
    • And that's not all

The more you know the truth about natural gas, Oilheat and renewable Bioheat® fuel, the more you'll stand out in your clients' minds as a source of reliable information and someone they can trust. Better information means happier clients means more sales.

Best of all, enrollment in the AEC Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program is free, and you’re under no obligations to anyone.  A simple form provides you with all these services and information. You’ll be well-equipped to handle customer questions and close the deal.  Enroll Now.


AEC_HomeInspectorsGuide2017_thumb.pngWelcome to the American Energy Coalition (AEC) Oilheat-Home Inspector Partnership Program. There is great responsibility that goes along with being a Home Inspector. Buyers and sellers expect you to know about everything from the attic to the basement, and provide valuable insight on what’s in their best interests. Sellers will want to know what they can do to make their property more marketable, and buyers will look to you for advice on potential trouble spots as they consider their significant real estate investment.

Home heating is one of the largest ongoing expenses a homeowner faces. As an Inspector, it’s in your best interest to know the facts about heating oil, Bioheat® fuel and other fuels. That’s why we created the AEC Oilheat-Home Inspector Partnership Program

Your local Oilheat partner can help with your home inspections by providing:

  • System information – they can provide a history of the home’s HVAC equipment, including: age, service history, estimated annual fuel use, costs, and more.
  • Storage tank information – age, location, size, material, and whether it’s protected under any local tank insurance programs.
  • Information on potential performance and efficiency upgrades to heating equipment and tanks – including estimated costs and savings. They can also provide information on local rebates and tax incentives that are available.
  • Bioheat® fuel for homeowners looking for renewable resources.

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