American Energy Coalition | Know The Facts About Natural Gas
  • Dont-Get

    Natural Gas Customers May Pay for Gas They Don’t Get.

    Gas companies charge customers millions of dollars a year for natural gas that never gets to their homes! Don’t pay for something you didn’t use.

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    Natural Gas Pipelines are Aging Beneath Our Feet.

    Did you know that much of the natural gas utilities’ distribution system was built in the 1970s and can’t meet peak demand without shutting off some users? Insufficient supply raises electricity costs and natural gas prices.

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  • Natural-Gas-May-Not

    Natural Gas May Not be There When You Need it Most.

    During winter’s coldest days, the natural gas companies interrupted service to some customers, who then turned to their local heating oil dealer.

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  • Bioheat

    Natural Gas is Not Renewable. Bioheat® Fuel is.

    There’s a better way to heat your home – Bioheat fuel, made with renewable biodiesel produced in the USA to build energy independence. The future is now with this cleaner renewable fuel.


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From Our 2014 "Opening Up the Dialogue" Webinar:
Reaching Oilheat Consumers Before They Convert