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Working With You, Working For You!

Founded in 2008, the American Energy Coalition (AEC) has always been a vocal advocate for the liquid home heating fuel industry and Bioheat® fuel. Through your ongoing support, the AEC has achieved many successes in fighting against the misleading marketing by the fossil gas and electric heat utilities.

Consumer Advertising

Consumers throughout the Northeast have heard the liquid home heating fuel industry’s side of the story through annual advertising campaigns.

Since its inception, the AEC has run multi-state radio commercials that have informed thousands of listeners about the benefits of Bioheat® fuel over the airwaves. Your generous, continual support has enabled the AEC to air hundreds of commercials across dozens of radio stations, covering areas in New York City, Long Island, Hudson Valley/Poughkeepsie, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

The AEC’s television commercials have been seen on major cable networks like CNN, Fox, MSNBC, HGTV, TLC, TNT, The Weather Channel and USA just to name a few.

The AEC has run hard hitting ads in some of the largest newspapers in the country, including the New York Post, New York Daily News and Newsday.

Direct Consumer Marketing

The AEC has consistently provided its members and dealers with the hard hitting, educational information they need to help their customers make informed decisions about home heating fuels, including:

The AEC’s postcards have been sent to every home and business in at-risk neighborhoods, and are ready to be customized for your town!

These materials were developed with the energy industries top professionals to give customers considering a switch to fossil gas or eclectic heat, something to think about!

The AEC has created many pieces chock-full of important facts about the costs to convert to electric heat pumps, expected price increases, unreliable utility service, and the effects of electric heat produced by fossil gas and coal on the environment. These items are sized to mail with monthly invoices, leave alongside delivery tickets, or hand out from your front desk or at community events.

Digital Marketing

The AEC provides its members with important information to post directly to their website or consumer email newsletters.

Sign up for the AEC E-Alerts to get timely information about Bioheat® fuel, electric heating, fossil gas - and feel free to share the news on your website and social media accounts; or in your newsletters. Click here to view the latest AEC news and alerts.

Embed the broadcast AEC TV and radio commercials, as well as additional videos, directly on your website site or social media. Visit our Bioheat Toolbox or go to AECEducationChannel on YouTube to view the available materials.

Show your support for the AEC and link directly to the valuable information on our website with free banners from the member resources section.

Political Action

The AEC is committed to getting the word out to policymakers at the local, state and federal levels.

The AEC communicates with state and federal legislators regularly through meetings and emails.

The AEC has created mail-ready letters to send to policy makers, newspaper editors, or your customers to have your voice heard on important issues.

Industry Education

The AEC supports and educates the people on the front lines of the battle - the employees who deal with our customers every day!

The AEC has developed and presented training Webinars to prepare customer service reps, sales personnel, drivers and technicians to answer your customers' questions about Bioheat® Fuel, fossil gas and electric heat pumps.

The AEC has spoken at industry trade shows, seminars and association meetings, educating dealers about the issues and the tools available for their businesses.

The AEC works with you and for you in the fight to preserve your business and give your customers the facts they need to make a wise home heating choice.

Visit the Member Resources section to see these materials and find out how to use them for your business!

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