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The AEC has provided you with pre-written advocative material that you can edit or use for educating yourself, your community, or even governmental officials about the benefits of Bioheat® fuel

Bioheat® Fuel: The Pathway to a Renewable Future

Please share the message that with Bioheat® Fuel, our industry offers an immediate pathway to a low carbon future. We all need to work together to educate our local, state and federal legislators, the media and our communities.

Many recent news articles have shared misinformation about natural gas, strategic electrification and the path to a low or no carbon future. The letter that follows provides important talking points about the realities of “strategic electrification” and the role Bioheat® Fuel can play in our quest for a cleaner, safer tomorrow. Please use the following letter or parts of it (copy and paste the text below, or download the word document here) to write to your representatives and local news outlets, post on your websites, or include in mailings and newsletters to your customers.

When writing to legislators, be sure to include your name and address. You can find your state representatives at or your state’s official website, Senators at, and Representatives at

Thank you for helping us spread the truth about these important issues.

Examples of recently published inaccuracies can be seen here and here.

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Bioheat® Fuel: An Immediate Solution to Fossil Fuel Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Americans want economic growth and prosperity for all, and growth requires energy. They also want renewable sources of energy, but it will be decades before there is enough solar or wind to meet demand, and in the meantime we need a relatively clean pathway fuel to get us there.

The natural gas utilities want to provide more of that energy at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars in new pipeline construction, not to mention risks to the environment. But if hundreds of millions are invested, natural gas contracts will have to be locked in for decades to earn an adequate return. And while natural gas is cleaner than coal, the fuel it usually replaces in electric generation, it is not as clean as most people have been led to believe.

Another option, proposed legislation to move homeowners to electric heat, begs the question of what fuel will supply the power plants?  And heat pumps, viable in other parts of the country, would still require back-up heating systems for cold Northeastern winters.

A simple clean pathway fuel to renewables, with no additional major capital investments or environmental risks, already exists:  Bioheat® Fuel. Contrary to common belief, Bioheat® Fuel, a blend of traditional heating oil and renewable biodiesel produced from plant oils and other feedstocks, is cleaner than natural gas, has a distribution system already in place, and doesn’t require any major capital investment. In fact, Bioheat® Fuel is already mandated in New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York and across Rhode Island, and earns tax credits in Massachusetts. Bioheat® Fuel would be a clean, inexpensive way to fuel the economic growth we all want to see. We don’t need the huge expense or the environmental risk of additional pipelines.

The pathway to renewables is already here and ready to go: Bioheat®!

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