Renewable and Sustainable Heating Fuel
Greener Heating

Your Renewable, Sustainable Heating Fuel

One of the best things about Bioheat® fuel is that the biodiesel component is made from renewable, sustainable resources.

The Bioheat® fuel delivered to your home contains oils made from:

  • Soybean oil
  • Used cooking oils
  • Recycled (rendered) animal fats
  • Canola, corn and other plant oils

These oils are processed and refined – mostly in U.S. based facilities – and turned into biodiesel that can be used in any vehicle that runs on diesel or blended to heat homes and businesses.

Used cooking oil (UCO) takes waste products that would otherwise be dumped into landfills and sewer systems and turns them into fuel, reducing garbage and our dependency on petroleum oils.

A study by the EPA found that restaurants and hotels in the U.S. generate approximately 3 billion gallons of UCO per year. Turning that much UCO into biodiesel would offset 10% of the country’s diesel requirements.1

More good news – the soybean oil used to create most biodiesels actually reduces costs for the agricultural industry. When soybeans are crushed, the process produces soybean meal, with the oil as a by-product. Soybean meal is an animal feed. With a growing market for the oil, the cost of the animal feed is lower, and the soy farmers have another source of income from the oil.2

Plus, the renewable biodiesel in your Bioheat® fuel reduces overall lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by up to 72%. Lifecycle emissions calculations consider the effect of all the stages from production to use.3

Recycling waste oils, using oils from food production, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions: that’s renewable, sustainable Bioheat® fuel!

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