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Heating Choice

Choose a Local Heating Provider

Who are you more likely to trust: the CEO of a multinational corporation beholden to its stockholders or the owner of a local company whose family has deep roots in the community?

When you choose your home heating, you are choosing whom to trust with your comfort, your family’s safety, and the future of the planet.

Most home heating fuel providers are still family-owned companies. Each company provides good-paying jobs, insurance and benefits to dozens, sometimes hundreds, of your neighbors. Production of biodiesel, the renewable component of your clean Bioheat® fuel, provides more than 75,200 jobs for farmers, truck drivers, engineers and scientists across the country.1 These are the people standing next to you at the local market, watching your kids in the school play, and patronizing your own local business. More importantly, these are the people who come to your home when the heat shuts off at 2 a.m. and are on the roads delivering your home heating fuel during a blizzard.

These local heating companies are committed to the future and committed to providing net-zero carbon comfort with increasing blends of Bioheat® fuel.

The Electric Utilities Don’t Need You!

The electric utilities, on the other hand? For them, it is all about profits and earnings. The numbers are shocking: in 2022, PG&E reported profits of nearly $17 billion2, an increase of 6.23% over the year before, and American Electric Power reported $12.3 billion in profits, a 10% increase over the previous 12 months.3

Some of these mega-corporations serve as many as 20 million customers4 across several states! Where do your concerns fit into their bottom line? Compare that to your local heating company with approximately 5,000 customers in a few neighboring counties.

You deserve to be recognized and valued. You deserve heating choice. Choose your friendly neighborhood Bioheat® fuel company.

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