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Reliable Home Heating Services

You deserve a heating services provider you can count on to show up when you need them, deliver high quality fuels that help you reduce carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, and work with you to make your home heating costs more manageable.

Do you know who meets all those criteria? Your local Bioheat® fuel provider!




  • There’s a substantial difference between used cooking oil or raw soybean oil and the biodiesel used to produce Bioheat® fuel. Biodiesel has been cleaned, distilled and processed to the highest standards. It is then mixed with high quality, ultra-low sulfur heating fuel. Only fuels that have met these standards earn the right to be sold under the Bioheat® fuel brand.
  • Bioheat® fuel provides home heating for more than one million homes and businesses in the Northeast, and millions more across the country.
  • Our fuels deliver greater warmth than any other alternative heat source. A storage tank filled with B20 Bioheat® fuel has the power of about 700 battery storage systems!

  • Bioheat® fuel service technicians go through rigorous training provided by the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA). NORA trained technicians are recognized by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as Certified Heating Professionals. This means they can perform home energy audits and model savings for your weatherization projects or heating system upgrades.
  • Most technicians get additional training directly from heating equipment manufacturers, earning additional certifications for their expertise.

  • If your heat goes out in the middle of the night, one call to your local heating service provider is all you need. Most full-service heating retailers provide around-the-clock emergency service for no heat, no hot water, or smoke situations.
  • A “real person” – not an automated system – in your company’s service area will answer your call, review your issue, and then either send the on-call emergency tech out or pass your request to the company’s service manager to follow through. Either way, you get the help you need, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Many companies are now offering virtual service calls for non-emergency issues, where the technician can assess the issue before coming to your home. These video calls make scheduling more accurate and reduce the length of time their technicians need to be in your home.

  • You could use 80% of your annual heating fuel in about four months, and you might need more than one delivery in a single month.
  • Your Bioheat® fuel provider understands that home heating utilizes the biggest part of your energy and utility budget, and a big part of all your household bills.
  • Most Bioheat® fuel retailers offer budget plans at no additional cost. They will estimate your annual fuel use and spread your bills out over the month. You pay the same amount each month, even when you get two deliveries.
  • Many fuel companies also offer price protection plans with pre-pay, fixed or capped price options. These help you control how much you pay for every gallon of Bioheat® fuel you need.

  • When was the last time a company tried to help you buy less? Most businesses’ profit margins are based on you buying more, more, more!
  • Not your local Bioheat® fuel company. Renewable liquid heating fuels help your system run more smoothly … and more efficiently, so you may see a reduction in the gallons you need each year.
  • More importantly, local fuel dealers recommend annual tune-ups which can increase efficiency by 5%-10%.
  • Your local heating provider will also help you pick out a new, affordable heating system. New equipment will, on average, reduce your fuel consumption by 100-150 gallons a year! That’s about 18%-20% of your annual usage – and some system upgrades have cut fuel use by as much as 50%!

  • This isn’t as obvious a statement as it may seem at first. Most electric utilities provide the electricity for your home, but they don’t have service technicians to repair your heating equipment. That requires an HVAC specialist. If your electric heating system goes out, you must figure out who to call – the utility or equipment repair. If you call the HVAC company first and it’s a utility problem … you have to call the electric company and then wait for their team to show up. If you call the utility first and it’s an equipment issue … you have to call the HVAC repair company and schedule service.
  • With a full-service Bioheat® fuel provider, they deliver the fuel and they fix the equipment. If your heat goes out … one call, and service is on its way.
  • And guess what else: your local Bioheat® fuel service company fixes electric – and gas – heating systems, too!

  • Your local liquid heating fuel provider is a local business. A recent survey estimated that the average company has about 5,000 customers. That’s small enough that the person who answers your phone (who has probably worked there for a decade or more) knows your name, address and last service appointment, even before pulling the data from their account management system. The same service tech comes every year for your tune-up, and the owner has probably been to your house many times as well.
  • The electric utility can have 20 million customers across several states.1 Your phone call will be answered by an automated system with a robot asking for your account number multiple times. There is no single “owner” because it is most likely a public company, and the CEO and Board of Directors could be anywhere in the world at any time.
  • You deserve the personal attention you get from your local Bioheat® fuel retailer!

  • Bioheat® fuel is part of the solution to climate change. B20 fuels cut your emissions by about 14% from traditional heating oil.
  • The liquid fuels industry has committed to delivering a net-zero carbon fuel by 2050.
  • B100 fuels are already being used in homes across the country. These reduce emissions by about 90%.
  • Homes are combining B100 with solar energy to deliver net-zero emissions, and even negative emissions, which offset the carbon from other properties!

  • A home heating company needs technicians, drivers, managers, bookkeepers, customer service representatives, sales personnel, warehouse staff, and more.
  • These employees usually live in the communities they serve – going to the same shops, schools and houses of worship as their customers.
  • Every home heating company employs dozens, sometimes hundreds of individuals just like you!
  • Biodiesel production, the renewable component of Bioheat® fuel, is responsible for more than 75,200 jobs for farmers, truck drivers, engineers, scientists and the people who support them across the country.2

Looking for reliable heating services? Look to a company that checks all the boxes on your list! Look to your local Bioheat® fuel company.

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2 Clean Fuels Alliance America, “America’s Economic Engine”
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