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Inspecting a Bioheat® Fueled Home

There is a great responsibility that goes along with being a Home Inspector. Buyers and sellers expect you to know about everything from the attic to the basement, and provide valuable insight on what’s in their best interests. Sellers will want to know what they can do to make their property more marketable, and buyers will look to you for advice on potential trouble spots as they consider their significant real estate investment.

Home heating is one of the largest ongoing expenses a homeowner faces, and it’s in your best interest to have the real facts about heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, electrification, fossil gas and other fuels.

The homeowner’s Bioheat® fuel retailer can help with your home inspections by providing:

  • Bioheat® fuel levels: estimated percentage of biodiesel per gallon, carbon and other greenhouse gas reductions, and more. Most newer models of heating equipment are UL rated for B20 (20% biodiesel).
  • System information including a history of the home’s HVAC equipment age, service history, estimated annual fuel use, costs, and more.
  • Storage tank information such as age, location, size, material, and whether it’s protected under any local tank insurance programs.
  • Information on potential performance and efficiency upgrades to heating equipment and tanks – including estimated costs and savings. They can also provide information on federal and state tax credits, local rebates and other available incentives.

Get to know more about Bioheat® fuel before you recommend costly system conversions to electric heat. Bioheat® fuel is safe, reliable, and greener than ever! Speak to a local Bioheat® fuel retailer to learn more.

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