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Safe, Lower Carbon Heating for Your Home

Your home should be your safe haven. Warm, comfortable and secure.

You get that safety with Bioheat® fuel.

  • Bioheat® fuel cleans and lubricates your heating system, making it run more efficiently and require less maintenance.
  • Your heating storage tank holds the same heating power as 700 battery storage systems.
  • Storage tanks are built to last, and new tanks have containment systems to capture the fuel in the rare case of a release.
  • Bioheat® fuel won’t burn in its liquid state.
  • Your full-service fuel dealer may offer round-the-clock emergency service, so you don’t have to go without heat for a prolonged period of time.

With heat pumps, your system could shut down to defrost as frequently as every half hour, requiring you to use a back-up heat source.

Long power outages increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • A team of doctors from Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discovered a correlation between power outages and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, as reported in the New England Journal of Medicine.1
    • Emergency department visits for CO poisoning increased significantly during power outages that lasted more than 24 hours, with the increase largest among children.
    • For outages lasting more than 48 hours, emergency department visits peaked on day three by 9.3x the baseline.
    • These patterns of increased carbon monoxide poisoning were not observed after extreme snowfall or cold-weather events that were not accompanied by power outages.

With electric heat, you are at the mercy of the utilities.

  • In December 2022, utilities across the country were warning of power outages due to excessive demand.2
    • PJM Interconnection, serving 65 million people across 13 states, asked customers to conserve power and set thermostats lower than usual.
    • Con Edison and National Grid cited the extreme weather conditions and increased demand on interstate pipelines as causing a natural gas shortage.
    • In Texas, which saw hundreds of deaths a few years earlier during a power outage caused by freezing temperatures, the US Department of Energy declared an emergency, allowing the state’s energy provider to exceed environmental emissions standards.

The electric grid is not ready to supply your home with renewable, clean electricity. It doesn’t have the infrastructure and it doesn’t have the supply – not even with fossil gas and coal generation. Keep your family safe and comfortable with the green fuel that’s available right here and right now, and works in the heating equipment already in place. Choose Bioheat® fuel for safe, clean, comfortable home heating.

1 Worsham, Woo, Kearney, Bray and Jena; Carbon Monoxide Poisoning during Major U.S. Power Outages; New England Journal of Medicine; December 30, 2022
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