Reliable Service

Emergency Response

Fossil gas and electric heating utilities often provide no emergency service except in cases of downed wires, gas leaks or odors. The fossil gas and electric heating utilities customer with an equipment failure generally needs to make separate arrangements with private contractors. 1, 2, 3, 4 If a customer does not retain the services of a contractor in advance, they may have difficulty locating a company to provide immediate service in an emergency, especially during evenings and weekends.
Bioheat® fuel
Most full-service Bioheat® fuel dealers provide emergency repair service to their clients day and night. In addition, customers protected by a service contract often get priority response guarantees. While equipment malfunctions are rare on well maintained Bioheat® fuel systems, dealers are well aware of the potential danger of a no-heat situation, and usually have a technician on call at all times.
A heat outage becomes an emergency quickly in cold weather, threatening health and raising the risk of property damage from frozen water pipes. Bioheat® fuel dealers protect customers and their property in the case of an equipment breakdown. Fossil gas and electric heating utilities do not.

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