Reliable Service

Full Service

Many fossil gas and electric heating utilities do not provide routine service and maintenance on home heating equipment. While some companies offer sub-contracted service work or provide lists of preferred technicians, many others assume, or even suggest, that the customer ask friends and neighbors for recommendations or even purchase heating equipment at a big box stores!1, 2, 3
Bioheat® fuel
Full service Bioheat® fuel dealers provide a range of home comfort services, such as:
  • Bioheat® fuel delivery with the option of automatic delivery
  • Responsive, round-the-clock service
  • Preventive maintenance, including annual tune-ups
  • Parts and labor coverage through service contracts
  • Heating system efficiency audits
  • Installation of money-saving high-efficiency heating systems
  • High-efficiency Boiler/Furnace upgrade rebates
  • Storage tank upgrade rebates
  • Budget plans
  • Conservation advice
In addition, many full service Bioheat® fuel dealers may also offer:
  • Air conditioning service and installation
  • Indoor air quality equipment and service
  • BPI Certified Home Energy Audits
  • Alternative energy solutions such as solar and geothermal systems
Full service is a great value for customers, who can count on one local company to keep their home comfortable and safe. Bioheat® fuel customers often stay with the same dealer for decades, developing personal relationships with a high degree of familiarity and trust.

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