Reliable Service

Local Business

The American Energy Coalition believes every home and business owner should enjoy peace of mind regarding service and emergency repairs. There is a major difference between Bioheat® fuel dealers and the fossil gas and electric heating utilities when it comes to providing service at customers' homes.

Independent Company or a Utility?

The fossil gas and electric heating utilities are often multi-state, multi-national, publicly held corporations that enjoy monopoly-type control and are largely shielded from competition.1 The management of these utilities is often diffuse, through many levels of corporate hierarchy up to a distant board of directors.2
Bioheat® fuel
Most Bioheat® fuel companies are local, family-owned, multigenerational businesses. Competition keeps service levels high and prices in check. If the customer ever has a question, the owner is usually available to discuss the issue. In addition, the company owner and employees are usually members and sponsors of community, charitable and service organizations.
With an independent Bioheat® fuel company, the owner is often hands-on management and knows you, your family and your home heating needs. The fossil gas and electric heating utilities are owned by a faceless corporation that knows you only by your account number.

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