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AEC Launches New Website Amid New Industry Challenges

The American Energy Coalition announces the launch of its new, completely updated website, with new messaging about renewable liquid heating fuels such as Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel.

AEC has long fought for the home heating fuels industry. In years past, the Coalition led the charge against the myths and disinformation from fossil gas utilities. Today, despite the leadership of the liquid fuels industry in the fight to lower carbon emissions,  retailers, manufacturers, distributors and producers find their businesses threatened by the “electrify everything” movement.

Bioheat® fuel is already on a path to net-zero carbon and has the resources, production capacity and distribution network available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Where our advances in clean energy should be lauded, instead we find only silence if not outright hostility.

It is in this environment that AEC has overhauled the website. As with its previous campaigns, AEC has filled the site with the hard truths the electric utilities and “electrify everything” proponents don’t want the public to know.

Facts like:

  • Most electricity is generated in power plants fueled by coal and fossil gas.
  • Northeast power plants emit produce as much carbon emissions as 4.7 million cars each year.
  • U.S. power plants use 500 million tons of coal each year – enough to fill up 4.3 million train cars crisscrossing from New York to California more than 19 times.
  • Increased demand for electric power puts the most disadvantaged communities at risk from pollution from the generating plants.
  • The “grid” cannot handle current demand and the utilities are already warning that increased electrification could lead to rolling blackouts.
  • Extended power outages threaten the health and safety of those who rely on electric medical devices like oxygen tanks and nebulizers, and can increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Bioheat® fuel provides immediate reductions in carbon emissions and does not require an investment of $18,000 - $42,000 to use.
  • Renewable liquid fuel retailers are committed to reducing greenhouse gases and have pledged to deliver a net-zero fuel by 2050. Their timeline is more aggressive than the benchmarks set by legislatures and environmentalists.

To learn more about Bioheat® fuel and the drawbacks of electrifying everything, visit Please make a one-time or recurring donation while you are on the site.


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